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    Default Help, v9 problem!!

    I downloaded version 9 following the link reported on the screen of the launcher.. well, after the d žownload , i double click on the icon of Eurogunz v9 Play live and appear this:

    Translate: "The element "eurogunzstartgame.exe" has been changed or moved. The link will not work correctly.

    THe nearest component per dimension, date and kind: C:\Programs\Eurogunz v8.5.8.2\eurogunzstartgame.exe

    To correct the link so that report to Gunzv8?

    Correct Delete Cancel

    Sorry for the bad english, by the way, if i try "correct" nothing changes.. And i downloaded 2 times v9.. everytime the same error.. HELP!!

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    Anti virus or firewall blocking it?

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    Re -download it

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    no.. he cant find some element because before this message the program start a quest.. after some second, appear this..

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    Log start : Mon Aug 30 17:30:18 2010

    Current Directory : C:\Programmi\EuroGunz v8.5.8.2
    17:30:18:734 [APP] OS version : Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
    17:30:18:734 [APP] Window created successfully.
    17:30:20:875 [ZUpdate] Create.
    17:30:20:875 [ZFileTransfer] Create.
    17:30:20:875 [ZFileTransfer] Create successfully complete.
    17:30:20:875 [ZFileTransfer] Open connection.
    17:30:20:875 [ZFileTransfer] Open connection successfully complete.
    17:30:20:875 [ZFileTransfer] Change directory.
    17:30:20:875 [ZFileTransfer] Change directory successfully complete.
    17:30:20:875 [ZUpdate] Create successfully compete.
    17:30:20:875 [APP] Download patch info file
    17:30:20:875 [ZUpdate] Start update.
    17:30:20:875 [ZFileTransfer] Download file : ./patch.xml to ./patch.xml
    17:30:21:375 [ZFileTransfer] ERROR : File not found.
    17:30:21:375 [ZFileTransfer] ERROR : Failed download : ./patch.xml
    17:30:21:375 [ZUpdate] ERROR : Start update FAILED!!!
    17:30:21:375 [APP] ERROR - Cannot download patch info file
    17:30:21:515 [APP] Updater error message :

    The update server is not responding or is not running right now.
    [Tip] Please check your firewall.
    [Tip] Please try again after a while.

    17:30:21:515 [App] File transfer error message :

    (404) File not found.

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    after i press [correggi] it starts and this is the log error...

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